May 16

The Power of CoffeeBerry

CoffeeBerry® is a stabilized, concentrated extract of fresh-picked, 100% Arabica whole coffee fruit. It contains extraordinary levels of plant compounds reported to have great potential to support human health.

Why haven’t you heard of the coffee fruit until now? Because it’s been ignored, tossed aside, used for compost—just a by-product of the coffee bean industry. Century after century, we’ve been throwing away the part of the coffee plant that has the most value.

Well, not anymore.

Extensive research began in 2001 to develop a process that could preserve and stabilize whole coffee fruit, capturing its extraordinary properties. That process of cultivation, harvesting, and processing has now been perfected and patented. Health-conscious people everywhere can enjoy its amazing benefits.

Research indicates that the compounds present in the whole coffee fruit may assist in:

Neutralizing free radicals responsible for aging

Promoting healthy cardiovascular function

Supporting healthy glucose metabolism

Promoting healthy energy and mood

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